Announcing our newest featured detective...

Thank you to all who wrote in this month to assist Holmes in solving “The Case of the New Haven Night Stalker”.

This month’s featured detective is Detective Sullivan of Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania. Detective Sullivan sent our inspectors two detailed letters on his theory for the case. Detective Sullivan correctly identified many details of the plot against the Worthingtons, and did so with panache. A special prize will be arriving at Detective Sullivan’s residence shortly.

On that front, we were very happy to receive a telegram (tweet) from last month’s featured detective confirming the arrival of his prize. We hope he displays it with pride.

Honorable mention: Detective Hartline, who correctly ascertained that Jamie’s wife suffers from somnambulism ("sleepwalking”), and shared with us a humorous story of her own (now grown) son’s sleepwalking when he was young.

For your chance to be August’s featured detective, write in with your theories on this month’s mystery by September 12th. To read Holmes’s full solution to July’s mystery (if you haven’t already), click here.

- The Dear Holmes team

Michael Sitver