Congratulations to September's Featured Detective

Thanks to the brilliant detectives who wrote into Holmes with their theories on the case, he was able to successfully solve “The Mystery of the Changing Score”. But of course, each month one detective stands out just a bit more than any other, and we recognize them.

This month’s featured detective is Detective Hopkins of Orleans, Mass. Detective Hopkins was one of the first to write in with notes on the case, and sent hers in by mail. Her theories on the case were creative, and often accurate, and we commend her on her speed. We’re pleased to welcome her into the Order of Right and Honorable Detectives, and will be sending her a prize to celebrate her triumph.

Want to win next month’s? Submit your answer here (You can submit again if your theory of the case changes), and don’t forget to renew your membership to keep the mysteries coming.

Keep solving.

- The Dear Holmes team

Michael Sitver