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A Dear Holmes Mystery Night

step 1

Search For Clues

Read through your clue letters. Identify lies and shakey alibis.

Decide who’s a suspect, who’s a witness, and who’s a victim.

step 2

Eliminate Suspects

Make a murder board to analyze your suspects and evidence.

Eliminate suspects one-by-one until only the truly guilty remain.

step 3

Present Your Theory

Put on your deerstalker caps and lay out your solution to the case.

Identify your criminal and explain how and why they committed their crime.

step 4

The Big Reveal

Once you think you've solved the case, read through your final letter.

See how you fared vs the great Sherlock Holmes.

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"Dear Holmes is a delight, with intriguing mysteries brought by characters that could have walked straight out of a real Sherlock Holmes story."

"My husband and I eagerly looked forward to every letter."

— Maria Alexander, Award-winning author

“I got my first clue today. I've spent part of this evening trying to brute force decode the clue with some golang code, but no success. Such an interesting and entertaining gift.”

— Matt F., Colorado (Via X)

“Well done on a fantastic mother's day gift. My mother and her friend are greatly enjoying their mystery subscriptions."

"They're well written and a joy to read. They look forward to receiving their letters and check their mailboxes excitedly.”

— Roo C., California (Via X)

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