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Your journey as a Victorian-era detective has just begun. Extend your membership to continue your crime-solving adventures.

+ 3 Cases

Another season of mystery-solving for your sleuth.

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+ 6 Cases

Six more months of victorian-era crime-fighting fun.

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A full year of victorian-era mysteries to investigate.

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Frequently Asked Renewal Questions

How long do renewals/extensions take to process?

If you renew at least two weeks prior to the original expiration of your membership, there should be no gap in service. Otherwise, your mysteries will resume with the start of the next mystery.

Will this extension auto-renew?

The choice is yours! If you’d like your mystery membership to renew automatically, simply check the "subscribe & save" box when choosing your package above. You’ll receive an email in advance of any renewal, and you can change your mind and disable auto-renew at any time. If you’d like to make your renewal a one-time payment, leave the auto-renew checkbox unchecked.

Will I receive the same mysteries over again?

No, you’ll receive an all-new batch of mysteries. We change our letters every week.

I have another question.

Reach out to our support team at, or by emailing Support[at]Dearholmes[dot]com. We’re happy to help!