Mysteries In Your Ears…

Prefer to listen to your clue letters rather than read them? Now you can.

With the Dear Holmes private podcast, you now have access to audiobook-quality narrated audio recordings of each of your clue letters.

Using your personal feed URL (you can request one here), you’ll be able to listen to your letters in your favorite podcast app.

You’ll also receive access to episodes from past mysteries, so you can practice your deductive skills as you await your next letter.

Listen to a sample episode from a past mystery.

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Dear Holmes Podcast FAQ

Will the contents of each episode precisely match what’s in my paper letters?

Mostly. To avoid any accidental hints, spoilers, or misdirects, any visual clues will be described in only vague terms. The narrator may also omit coded messages and other clues that wouldn’t be intelligible in audio form. For these clues, please consult your physical/paper letters.

When will new episodes be made available?

Each recording will be released 4-5 days after the corresponding letter leaves our office, so that (ideally) it arrives in your podcast feed at about the same time your letter arrives at your door.

What is a private podcast?

A private podcast is a podcast that’s only available to a specific group of authenticated users, each with their own unique RSS feed URL. Our private podcast program is powered by, a great independent hosting company, and available to any active Dear Holmes member.

Can I listen to this podcast in my favorite podcast app?

In most cases, yes. Your personal feed is compatible with most popular podcast apps, including Apple podcasts, Pocketcasts, and Overcast (our recommendation for iOS users). Because Spotify doesn’t allow for the use of industry-standard RSS feeds, we don’t currently support Spotify.

How can I start listening?

Visit our access request form to request your own personal RSS feed. Since each feed is tied to a membership, you’ll have to use the email address tied to your Dear Holmes account (The one you used at checkout).

Tip: If your email address has changed since you joined Dear Holmes, you can reach out to our support team to update it within our system.

Soon after submitting the access request form, you’ll receive an email with your personal RSS feed, and instructions for setting it up in your favorite podcast player.

Can I listen to a sample episode?

Yes. We’ve embedded a sample episode from a sample mystery above, for your listening pleasure.