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The Game Is Afoot! Use letters from Sherlock Holmes & his associates to solve Victorian-inspired murders, kidnappings, thefts, and more.

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Mysterious Letters

Look forward to checking your mailbox again! You'll get three clue letters and one solution letter per case.

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Challenging Mysteries

Catch crooks, crack secret ciphers, and foil nefarious schemes using the clues in your letters.

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A Global Competition

Compete with Sherlock Holmes and your fellow detectives for the coveted Featured Detective award.

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All Dear Holmes packages include access to the members-only Dear Holmes podcast.

This private podcast features audiobook-quality narrations of each Dear Holmes clue and solution letter.

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"Dear Holmes is a delight, with intriguing mysteries brought by characters that could have walked straight out of a real Sherlock Holmes story."

"My husband and I eagerly looked forward to every letter."

— Maria Alexander, Award-winning author

“I got my first clue today. I've spent part of this evening trying to brute force decode the clue with some golang code, but no success. Such an interesting and entertaining gift.”

— Matt F., Colorado (Via X)

“Well done on a fantastic mother's day gift. My mother and her friend are greatly enjoying their mystery subscriptions."

"They're well written and a joy to read. They look forward to receiving their letters and check their mailboxes excitedly.”

— Roo C., California (Via X)

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