Six-Mystery Bundle

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Six-Mystery Bundle

Six-Mystery Bundle

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About This Mystery Package:

Delight the clever sleuth in your life with six Sherlock Holmes mysteries mailed right to their door.

This bundle includes:

  • A welcome letter from Sherlock Holmes mailed prior to the first mystery.
  • 6 mysteries
  • 18 clue letters (3 per mystery)
  • 3 solution letters from Sherlock Holmes (one per case)
  • USPS Domestic First Class postage for each letter.

This bundle also includes:

Our six-mystery bundle is a popular gift for:

  • Parents and grandparents who love mystery novels
  • Board-game-loving friends and colleagues
  • Lawyers, engineers, doctors, and anyone who loves to analyze.

Dear Holmes is a perfect present for Christmas, Hannukah, a birthday, or any gifting occasion. Read on to learn more about the Dear Holmes experience.

The Dear Holmes Experience

Monthly Mysteries:  Every month you’ll tackle a new Victorian-era crime with the help of Sherlock Holmes and his associates.

Weekly Letters:  About once a week, you’ll receive a letter  in the mail with new clues to help you build your case.

A Global Competition:  Optionally, compete with detectives around the world for the coveted title of “Featured Detective”.

The Big Reveal:  At the end of each case, Sherlock will write you to lay out the solution to your mystery.

To learn more about the Dear Holmes experience, visit our "How To Play" page or our FAQ.