A Mysterious Mother’s Day Gift

Solve a challenging mystery each month using clue letters mailed to your door.

Know a mom who might be up to the challenge?

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How Dear Holmes Works

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Monthly Mysteries

Each month, Holmes will challenge you to solve a mystery.

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Real Snail Mail

You'll receive three clue letters and one solution letter per mystery.

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A Global Competition

Compete for the coveted title of Featured Detective (and a special prize).

Choose Your Mystery Bundle

3 Mysteries

A season of mystery-solving for your sleuth.

Free First-Class Postage

6 Mysteries

Six months of victorian-era crime-fighting fun.

Free First-Class Postage

12 Mysteries

A full year of victorian-era mysteries to investigate.

Free First-Class Postage

When should we mail your welcome letter & first mystery?

A New Mystery Monthly

Free First-Class Postage

30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Solve A Variety Of Crimes

solve heists from home. cartoon.


Foil impending robberies, find stolen goods, and identify the cuprits behind curious disappearances.

solve murders and murder mysteries. cartoon.


Spot murderers, disprove their flimsy alibis, and find the clues that will put them behind bars for good.

Catch crooks and more. cartoon

And Much More

Break secret codes, solve riddles, and use your sleuthing skills to catch spies, forgers, swindlers, and more.

Listen While You Read…

As a Dear Holmes member, you’ll have access to the Dear Holmes members-only podcast via a personalized RSS feed.

After your letters arrive in the mail, open your podcast app of choice and listen to an audiobook-quality narration of your latest mysterious missive.

Want to practice sleuthing? You’ll also have access to recordings from past Dear Holmes mysteries.

Listen to a sample episode from a past mystery.

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