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Mug month is here! Order a one-year renewal package to receive your free mug (a $20 value).

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*Offer valid through 10/31/23. Mug shipping included for US only. Must use promo code "FREEMUG" at checkout. Not valid with any other offer.

Mug Month Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order this if my mysteries haven't expired yet?

Yes. Your twelve new mysteries will begin after your current membership expires.

Will I receive all-new mysteries when I renew?

Yes. You'll receive an all-new batch of mysteries.

How do I claim my free mug?

Click the "Claim" button above, which will automatically add a renewal package, a mug, and a free mug coupon to your cart.

Can I buy this mug separately?

Yes. "I Solve Mysteries" mugs are available for purchase for $20 here.

Does this renewal package auto-renew?

That's up to you. Check the "subscriber & save" box to enable auto-renew. If you don't check this box, your renewal will be a one-time purchase. If you do check it, you'll save 10% and auto-renewal will be enabled. You can cancel at any time.

Does this offer include shipping for the mug?

Mug shipping is included for orders shipping to the US only. Postage for your letters is included, as always.

When will my mug be shipped?

Our mugs are made to order by our mug-making partner to reduce waste. Shipping time varies, but orders generally ship within two weeks.

Can I combine multiple six-month renewal to qualify for this offer?

This offer is only valid for one-year renewals purchased in October 2023.

I have another question.

We're here to help. Email Support[at]dearholmes[dot]com and we'll get you the answer you need.