Received Mail From Sherlock Holmes? Here's What It Is

Did you get a surprise letter in your mail from Sherlock Holmes? Are you wondering what it is?

It sounds like you've been anonymously gifted Dear Holmes. Learn more about the Dear Holmes mysterious mail experience below.

What Are These Letters?

Dear Holmes is a game where you solve mysteries using clue letters mailed to your door.

For each mystery in your membership, you'll receive three clue letters and a final letter from Sherlock Holmes explaining the solution. Each Dear Holmes mystery plays out over the course of approximately one month.

How Do I Play?

In short, examine your clue letters and build a theory of the case, then read Holmes's letter to determine if you solved the case correctly. Optionally, submit your solution to our Featured Detective competition for your chance at recognition on our blog and a special prize.

For a more detailed how-to-guide, read our "How To Play" article.

Who Gave Me Dear Holmes?

In most cases, you've been given Dear Holmes by a friend, relative, or colleague. If you'd like to confirm, you can email our support team.

How Many Mysteries Will I Receive?

It depends on how many mysteries your gift-giver purchased for you. We offer new member packages in increments of three, six, and twelve mysteries. Our support team can confirm for you.

What Is The Return Address On Your Letters?

The return address on most of our letters is 1101 14th St. NW, Suite 950, in Washington, DC.

Can I Renew/Extend My Mysteries?

Yes. You don't need the help of your gift recipient to renew. You can purchase an extension by visiting