Three-Mystery Gift Bundle

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Three-Mystery Gift Bundle

Three-Mystery Gift Bundle

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About This Mystery Package:

Delight the mystery-lover in your life with three Sherlockian mysteries mailed right to their door.

Each of the three mysteries in this bundle includes:

  • Three clue letters
  • One solution letter from Sherlock Holmes

This bundle also includes:

  • Free USPS first-class postage for all letters.
  • A welcome letter from Sherlock Holmes
  • Access to our private members-only podcast, with narrations of your letters
  • Eligibility for our Featured Detective competition

The Dear Holmes Experience

Monthly Mysteries:  Every month you’ll tackle a new Victorian-era crime with the help of Sherlock Holmes and his associates.

Weekly Letters:  About once a week, you’ll receive a letter in the mail with new clues to help you build your case.

A Global Competition:  Optionally, compete with detectives around the world for the coveted title of “Featured Detective”.

The Big Reveal:  At the end of each case, Sherlock will write you to lay out the solution to your mystery.