Mystery Cameo Experience

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Mystery Cameo Experience

Mystery Cameo Experience

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About This Product:

Ever wish you were a character in a Sherlock Holmes mystery?

Know someone who would fit in perfectly in Victorian-era London? 

With our limited-availability cameo experience, you can put yourself or someone you know into an upcoming Dear Holmes mystery.

What This Package Includes:

First and foremost, we'll feature a character with a name of your choosing (and a few character traits, too) in a future Dear Holmes mystery.

The mystery your character appears in will be mailed to all Dear Holmes members and appear in audio form on the members-only Dear Holmes podcast.

When your mystery is released, we'll mail you your clue letters one-by-one as the case progresses.

At the end of the case, we'll ship you a framed copy of a letter your character appeared in, a certificate, and another complete set of the letters in your mystery.

Will your character be a hero? A villain? A nosey neighbor? That's part of the fun.  You'll find out when solving the mystery. If you really don't want to be a villain, let us know when our team reaches out to learn about your character.

How It Works:

After purchasing, a member of the Dear Holmes team will reach out to you via email with a few questions about your character. You'll name your character and share a few personal traits.

Our editors will then review our upcoming mysteries to see where your character fits best and integrate them into the story. If you request a specific month for your character to appear in, we'll do our best to accommodate, though we can't make any promises because of the extremely limited number of cameo slots we have available.

In most cases, your character will appear in a mystery 2-3 months in the future. We'll keep you updated throughout the process.

If you opt for expedited service, we'll write in your character into the soonest mystery possible (usually the next Dear Holmes mystery).

When your mystery is ready for mailing, you'll receive copies of each of your mysterious letters via First Class mail, one at a time.

At the end of the case, you'll receive your framed letter, a certificate, and an additional set of the letters in your mystery.

Important Caveats:

  • We reserve the right to slightly modify the spelling of names to match Victorian spelling.
  • You can use a pseudonym, but we can't allow swear words, Bart-Simpons-esque puns, or aliases that would interfere with the mystery (e.g., a character named "Villain McVillian").
  • You must know the person you're naming a character for. No celebrities, sorry.
  • We'll do our best to integrate as many of the character traits (e.g., appearance, career, personality) you provide as possible into the mystery, but our top priority is maintaining the quality of the mystery, so we'll probably only be able to integrate 2-3.
  • To avoid spoilers, we can't tell you anything about your character in advance.
  • This is a limited-edition item. If we cannot accommodate your character within the next three months, we'll offer you the choice of a slot in the future or a refund.
  • Even if your character appears in more than one letter, you'll only receive one framed letter. Additional copies of your framed letter are available for purchase upon request.
  • Frame designs may vary to better match your letter.